He majored in philosophy and Yugoslav studies at The Philosophical Faculty in Zagreb. He was the undergraduate assistant to professor Grlić. He published book reviews and texts in the following magazines: Naše teme, Kulturni radnik, Filozofska istraživanja, Polja, Dometi, Student, Studentski list, Mladina, Zvono, Zarez, Epoha, Zeničke sveske…; he participated in many international simposiums. He got his masters degree from the Philosophical Faculty in Zagreb with the topic: The Experience of Aesthetic Thoughts of Walter Benjamin.

He worked at the Radio 101 radio station  part-time and as a part-time assistant of Marxism at The Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb, at the August Cesarec publishing house, the Z3 TV station and the subsidiaries of BBDO and PUBLICIS global marketing agencies.

In close cooperation with the Faculty of Political Sciences and The Open Society he made a series of films on democracy; he participated on projects of  The Andrija Štampar  School of National Health. He produced thirty documentaries and approximately 120 programs entitled Knjigom u glavu( Hit the books with your head) for Croatian television. He founded the cultural centre (KCCK) in Zagreb.

At his post-graduate studies program on literature in Rijeka he defended his doctoral thesis entitled The philosophy of Literature, From Ideologies of Seduction to Manipulation of The Media. At his post-graduate doctoral studies program on philosophy in Zagreb he defended his doctoral thesis entitled: The Philosophy of  The Media of Marshall Mcluhan.

He initiated (in 2007) the founding of The Department for Media Philosophy at The Croatian Philosophical Society. He founded (in 2008) The Centre for Media Philosophy and Mediological Research.

He has participated in fifty scientific conferences. He is a member of the editorial board of several theoretical journals in the region. He is the editor-in-chief of In medias res.

He also initiated three new scientific conferences.

He is the head of several scientific projects.

Today, Sead Alić is associate professor at North University.